Aviation Market Research

The Aviation Marketplace

Service in aviation engineering, MRO and business management environments for more than 35 years has produced an extensive portfolio of experience which may be useful to your business. One special interest has been to assimilate knowledge of what makes up the range of older and some newer aircraft equipment, civil and military, in use worldwide, their power plants, their operational characteristics, matching capabilities with role requirements, their life-cycle situations, their redeployment opportunities, their values and their suitability for modification, their infrastructure and training and certification requirements, and other factors relevant to your requirements.

This has involved mainly engine equipment from customers in 49 countries which illustrates the strong international and export focus of New Zealand MRO business. We will do our best to obtain reliable data and analyse it to provide good support for your business proposals.

Our aviation market research can be for aviation businesses, civil or defence forces, and government agencies, and extend to specialised niche market report preparation, including aviation journalism. Market research will help form your business strategy. AvPlan can assist.